Location is important when you are buying a home and a great area to own your house is in the Pope High School district of East Cobb.

Here are some top reasons why homes in the Pope High School vicinity are great buys.

Closeness to an excellent education facility

Pope High School is a school of excellence, known for its education standards and wonderful students and this is one reason why so many homeowners choose to look at the real estate listings in this area to live in close proximity to the school. The school is also known for academics, fine arts, athletics, and service as well as leadership. Sending your kid to an educational institution like this can only bring out the best in them and this is another reason why your living location is so vital.

Kids can adjust easily and remain stress-free

Living far away and sending your children to a far away school can wear you out. Getting up extra early in the mornings in time to prepare breakfast and drive a good distance five days a week can be gruesome, not to mention the trouble of getting back home and reaching home late in the evenings. Long distance traveling can leave your kids no time for after school studying and personal recreation time. The easier it is for your children to reach their school is the less stressful for you and them.

Safe neighborhood for raising and educating your children

Like other families, you do not want to be living and exposing your family to an area that is riddled with crime. The location that Pope High School is a safe neighborhood for raising your children. You and your family, can feel free walking the streets, taking part in outdoor activities and interacting with close friends as well as neighbors. Not only is the area safe to live in, but is great for getting a well-rounded education as well.

Great access to restaurants, shops, and other popular places

In the Pope High vicinity around East Cobb, there is a host of shops, entertainment, and eating places where you can spend your free time shopping, eating, or enjoying your favorite sport.

A professional can help

If you want to find a home somewhere convenient for you to raise your family, location is important. Get in touch with real estate professionals like the Gail Harris Team to help with your search. You can reach them by calling (770) 377-6392.