What to beAware of Before Viewing a Home

Buying your first home is a milestonemarker in one’s life. It can represent the physical culmination of a familyunit under one roof or the next big step in one’s life journey.

Your home isyour headquarters, your spa, your place of passion, and your sanctuary. If youare looking to buy a house in East Cobb, there are many gorgeousproperties to choose from in a variety of price brackets. By choosing Gail Harris as your Realtor®, buyers are guaranteed to be shown the bestproperties for sale around East Cobb and to receive the most accurateinformation on each home in question.

Even with the best Realtor® in the area, buyers are smart to have basic knowledge of what they should be aware of and whatto look for prior to viewing a home.

In any case, buying a home is a bigexpense. For first-time buyers and experienced homeowners, there are manyimportant aspects which must go into one’s consideration of a piece of realestate for purchase. Once you are satisfied with the area you need to considerthe houses available.

Often, no matter how beautiful or new the house looks, ahome inspection will be needed before a purchase is made in order to properlyassess the home: A great place to check out is: http://eastcobb.areahomevalues.net/. Your Realtor® is another asset to use in homesearching and there are specific issues which your Realtor® should have readyinformation on regarding any particular property.

The best real estate agencies like KellerWilliams Realty will have knowledge and documentationof every piece of work which has been done on a particular house, as well as tooffer unbiased information regarding the properties state of wear.

After youhave worked with your Realtor® to identify the properties which serve yourneeds, buyers should be prepared to take a scrupulous walkthrough of theproperties.

Before hiring a home inspector and spending lots of money to onlyhear the property is not up to par, you need to educate yourself on somebasics to look for during your walkthrough. This can save valuable resourcesand time when searching for East Cobb real estate in the prime zip codes.

Points of Awareness

Duringthe initial walkthrough of a home or property, there are several things to beaware of. Even in large, expensive new houses, the building contractor may havebeen a skilled professional or maybe was a budget builder for the landdevelopers.Never assume just because a house looks nice, it is builtwell. Only if you know what to look for will you be able to discern the truequality of a property. It’s a good idea to bring a notepad and pen in order torecord a reminder of issues to be further investigated by you or a propertyinspector.

Uponentering the foyer of a home, a strong indicator of problems which are hidingbeneath the surface is a terrible smell.Is the air musty or stale? Can mildew or rot be detected in the air initially?Airflow obstruction due to poor designing will contribute to moisturebecoming trapped in some isolated, hard-to-reach spaces of the house, makingits way under carpets and behind drywall.

Previous pet ownership can contributeto funky smells and can be removed. However, depending on the extent of the pet damage in the house and specific sensitivities to pet dander, completelyremoving all remnants of previous pets can end up being extensive and costly.Look for uneven floors.Wood floors that show bowing or warping have likely been affected byinsufficient air circulation, combined with a structural foundation issue. Thisis a problem that will have to be expounded by a home inspection professional.The state of uneven floors can be a big indicator of substantial renovationsbeing required for the property.

A good idea is to take notice of the natural light. Ifall of the lights in the house are turned on, this can indicate a compensationfor the lack of natural light. Take note of where east is in relation to theproperties face and how windows are oriented to accept sunlight into the home.

Of course,buyers can renovate homes to make up for the initial design flaws, however,this will add significant financial cost.Take note of the size, shape, and windows in the bedrooms. Is the room large enough toaccommodate your belongings? Be sure that the bedrooms will serve your needsand the needs of your family. Also, will your family be growing anytime soon? Alarger family will mean larger needs in the home.

Storage space isessential in a home. Be sure that each bedroom has a closet, wardrobe, or somesort of storage space that is adequate for your family’s needs. Large homes donot necessarily dictate large storage capacities. The lack of storage spacewill significantly mitigate a home’s usability. Remember, a home is there toserve your needs.

A garage cansometimes offer a bit of storage space. However, if it is the only space forstorage, it will not be useful for your family’s vehicles. Is there an attic inthe house and is it easily accessible? Large homes, designed with few storagespaces in the rooms, can make up for its lack of storage if it has beendesigned with an attic that is easily accessible.

The location of plumbing and ventilation for washing machines and dryers must betaken note of. Unless the washer and dryer are out of the way, accessible, andconvenient to use, you will wish to move these appliances to where they willbest serve your daily routine.

This can be complicated if the water and airconnections are stationary. Similarly, if previous owners have done anyconstruction work on the property, permits will have been filed and you willwant to get a record of any changes made to the original design.

Finally, does the area and neighborhood appeal to you?Well before you buy a house it’s worth doing some preliminary research on theschool system for your children, age group, and income demographic, even crimerecords. If you can’t talk to the seller, try talking to the neighbors.

Ask ifthey know why the seller is moving. Also, those in the houses near yourpotential property will be your neighbors. Is it a child-friendly neighborhood?Be sure that they are the kind of folks who will not make life more stressfulif they aren’t fond of children.

Research the number of complaints which havebeen made to the city or law enforcement authorities regarding people on thestreet. At times, many complaints can come from a statistically crime-freeneighborhood, indicating that some residents might be particularly touchy orpossess a tendency to complain about their neighbors.

A certified real estate agent will have the knowledge and skillto assist you in finding the perfect match for you and your family and iron outany potential problems.

The East Cobb area is beautiful and intimate and thebest real estate agents in East Cobb, such as GailHarris, will help you to see the area’s treasures both hidden and inplain sight.