Did you know East Cobb has been named by ‘Money’ magazine as Georgia’s best place to live? That’s right! But if you’re looking for homes for sale, East Cobb might come across as a tough market.

To make your life easier, in the following article, you’ll find five tips from a local experienced realtor for both buyers and sellers.

#1 Sellers: Know Your Target

homes for sale east cobb

There’s a high chance most of the home sales in 2017 will be to first-time buyers. Also, a large part of this will comprise Millennials (20 to 35-years old).

Most of them will move from urban areas where they were renting an apartment, in search of the perfect quiet place to start a family.

This means you should advertise your house accordingly. Millennials are tech-savvy and like to be active. So if your home has certain automation features or good location in proximity to parks, it’s definitely a major plus you should leverage on.

#2 Homes for Sale East Cobb: Hire the Right Real Estate Agent

If you’re a buyer new to the area, hiring a local realtor is an excellent idea – especially if you find someone who’s been living in East Cobb for almost 40 years.

Why is this important? A local realtor knows the neighborhood and the community best. You can ask about schools, crime level, and any other aspect which may help you get a better overview of the area.

Also, they know the market and there’s a good chance a local real estate agent knows the seller personally. This means you may get a better deal.

Additionally, try to see what other people say about the real estate agent.

#3 Don’t Assume the House Is Yours Until You’ve Signed a Contract

When looking for homes for sale in East Cobb, you will be amazed with its beautiful scenery and the dream of what could be. However, if you come to an agreement with one of the sellers, you should be careful.

First, a verbal promise has no legal value. Without a contract, you may end up with nothing at all if the seller changes his/her mind or gets a better offer.

Instead, try to persuade the seller to sign a contract which makes the deal binding from a legal point of view. Better yet, hire a local real estate agent to help you with this, and save yourself the risk.

#4 Sellers: Prepare Your Homes for Sale in the East Cobb Area

homes for sale east cobb

It may be a sellers’ market, but going the extra mile might get you more.

This means you should do your best to fix any issues which may decrease the property’s value. Clean thoroughly so the buyer can see how it would be to live in a glistening new place.

Additionally, you should make sure the interior decor outlines the space – not the contents of the rooms.

#5 Buyers: Here’s What You Need to Know about East Cobb

The fact this area has been called Georgia’s best place to live was based on facts. Maybe without knowing the criteria, the affirmation might mean nothing to you.

So you should know the title was given to the East Cobb area based on criteria such as:

  • Low crime rate
  • Access to culture, strong education, health care units and sports
  • Predicted job growth
  • Strong local economy
  • Low taxes
  • High Property value
  • High Income value

The magazine sent reporters to East Cobb to experience how people in the area behave on a daily basis. Apparently, they liked what they saw.

If you’re looking for a home for sale, East Cobb’s #1 Realtor Gail Harris could be the partner you need.

Having lived in the area for almost 40 years, and with over 14 years of experience as a real estate agent, she can help you get what you’re looking for.

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